Brewing a Classic Coffee Experience





Mercato Branding Project

Project Overview

Bunadrip is a brand dedicated to making the perfect cup of coffee effortless and accessible. They offer a variety of coffee machines designed to simplify the brewing process while delivering a delicious and invigorating experience.


Bunadrip's vision was to create a brand identity that evoked classic coffee traditions, rich dark roasts, and a sense of peaceful indulgence. They also had an unexpected inspiration: the popular TV show Peaky Blinders. Our challenge was to combine these seemingly disparate elements into a cohesive and memorable brand.

Finding the Perfect Blend: Naming & Concept

Initially, we had reservations about the name Bunadrip due to the brand's diverse conceptual influences. However, after some exploration, we discovered the origin of the name. "Buna" refers to the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, a practice steeped in tradition and considered by many as the birthplace of coffee. "Drip" signifies the brewing method, completing the picture. Bunadrip thus became a name that embodied both classic heritage and modern convenience.

Crafting a Cohesive Identity: Visual Design

Bunadrip's visual identity, encompassing both logo design and packaging design, is a testament to our design expertise. The clever logo combines the letter "B" with the shape of a coffee bean, creating an instantly recognizable symbol for the brand. This all-in-one design perfectly represents Bunadrip's core identity. Drawing inspiration from Bunadrip's brand concept and color palette, we designed packaging that reflects the brand's essence. The final design is both aesthetically pleasing and informative, enticing coffee lovers to experience the Bunadrip difference.

Mercato Branding Project
Mercato Branding ProjectMercato Branding ProjectMercato Branding Project

Brewing Engagement: Social Media Management

We took the reins of Bunadrip's Instagram page, crafting a visually appealing and engaging presence that aligned with their brand preferences. This platform became a key touchpoint for connecting with potential customers and showcasing the Bunadrip lifestyle (bunadrip.kw).

The Result

Bunadrip, with its distinctive brand identity, is now well-positioned to capture the hearts (and taste buds) of coffee enthusiasts. Through our strategic approach, we've helped Bunadrip establish itself as a brand synonymous with classic coffee experiences, effortless brewing, and a touch of Peaky Blinders-inspired sophistication.